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Derek Anthony DiOrio Bio

          At a very young age Derek Anthony DiOrio was adept at utilizing his creative mind and displayed a strong love for drawing. Being rooted from Rhode Island, his early sketches consisted of waves, seashells and boats; however over the years, stranger, more imaginative illustrations began to surface. Unfriendly aliens began to ride vicious, half-drunk dinosaurs. Malfunctioning robots spewed oil unwillingly while powering gargantuan tree monsters.. and vile, deep-sea creatures boarded rusty, shipping freighters to feast on the eyeballs and teeth. Drawing began to become a way in which Derek could escape from the real world and lose himself for hours on end in a mysterious and exciting world that could only come from within his own psyche. Today this notion still rings true..

           "I studied art in the hopes of finally being able to solidify the connection between my brain and my hand. I thought I'd be able to put whatever I saw in my head on paper; however, after years of self criticism and disappointment I've realized and accepted the fact that I will never be able to attain this... And I'm so glad. The mystery that comes from making art is what makes it so therapeutic for me. I can keep my head down working on a project for hours and hours until eventually lifting my head up and thinking, 'Woah.. What just happened?.. Where was I?.. And what the hell is that!?' Its scary, exciting and beautiful all at the same time. You never really know what's going to happen or what you're going to get at the end of it all. The whole process is a lot like getting lost in the woods; yet, having all the right tools and experience to know that no matter what happens you're going to end up somewhere beautiful.. whether you like it or not."

       Today, Derek is an illustrator, fine artist, graphic designer and all around weirdo currently living in Northern California. His concentration is in mixed media and assemblage - utilizing everything from pen & ink, watercolor and acrylic paint; to foam core, wood and metal. His two primary tools of choice are the X-Acto blade and orbital jigsaw. Depending on the medium, he interchangebly uses each instrument to depict a bizzare world of mischief, heartache and "inky" humor - all the while exemplifing the beauty and good-nature of chaos. Its a world where methodical assymetry is just as visually balanced as symmetry. A place where juxtaposing themes, images, shapes, sizes, colors, ect all work harmoniously together as a balanced aesthetic expression.

       His unique style of heavy, detail-oriented line work and hypnotic use of color has evolved from being presented solely on canvas and paper to a number of vastly differing surfaces and media. Graphic depictions of sick robots and loathsome lobsters adorn skateboards, guitars, surfboards, wood panels, snowboards and everything in between. At 27 years of age, he has commissioned work for clients from New England to Los Angeles, created original pieces for local businesses, papers and magazines, and has been a part of numerous exhibitions and creative projects. With his strong passion to create, coupled alongside his intense drive to excel as a visual artist, he is becoming recognized as a prolific member of the art community and someone who's  future seems to be more promising than the often calamitous content of his work. Bon Voy'age!