Ink, Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Wood, Foam-Core, Colored Pencils, metal, Acetare, Watercolors, Illustration board and bristol paper are just some of the materials used in these paintings. After the materials are run through a "mill" of paint splatter and x-acto blade/ jigsaw cuts, they are then thoughtfully arranged and mounted to create a visually striking world of cutouts, color and dimension not achieved by staying within the confinements of traditional canvas.

All along the Eastern seaboard nautical gift shops litter beachfront towns. From seashells and sharks teeth, to fish nets and hermit crabs; everything ocean is up for sale. As prevalent and ridiculous as these shops are, they are reminiscent of my childhood and where I am from - the Ocean State. This series of work was initially conceived to pay homage to my home and put my own twist upon those shops I frequented as a child.

A random assortment of objects that have been run through my creative mill. Each object has been a new and exciting experience outside the 2-D constraints of a canvas.


A collection of fine art pieces done over the years including ink washes, watercolor paintings, colored pencil work, Gouache illustrations, acrylic paintings, oil paintings and drawings. These have been crucial in my development and evolution as an artist. They have helped my to discover wahat media I enjoy working with most, as well as giving me a better understandingof techniques, materials and theories."Still Lifes" and tradiional landscape paintings have aided in my knowledge of how to re-create certain subject matter as well as how the eye reacts to certain visual stimuli.

Paintings, drawings, cut outs, typography and mixed media assemblages which are all purposeful visual creations. Some have served as logos and graphics for businesses and various clients; while others have served as class projects and exercises to further my knowledge of both the theories of design and color. Although utilizing programs such as illustrator and photoshop is practical for certain jobs,  I prefer to work with my microns, X-Acto blade, light table and an old copy machine to get the job done. It may seem a bit prehistoric; but, working with my hands has always been more appealing than staring at a computer screen - and thus far, this process has seemed to work for me.


Sketches, Doodles, Rough Drafts, ideas and other random visions...Some of these are pure emotional discharge while others come from the unsystematic firing of synapses. This is an area where I can go back through old material and just have fun with recontextualizing the awful mess (of things) that is my sketchbook.