Oyster Beach Resort & Vacation Rentals. Somoa, Ca.

Part of the coolaborative Fine Art show "Sea/Home Sick".

Oyster Beach - This show took place in an 1800's decrepit, ranch house nestled under a canopy of eucalyptus trees. I initially used the space as a studio for myself; however, after running close to 300 ft. of wiring through the house and hanging 20 track lights, it was instantly converted into a fully-functioning gallery space. The exhibition consisted of four rooms all with different media in each. Everything from ceramics and photography to mixed media paintings and installations were included. Seashells and buoys adorned every surface possible. Half full wine barrels spilled oysters out onto the ground and an old wooden skiff stood outside filled with shells and Christmas lights. The entire place was transformed into an eerie, pirate-like version of the nautical shops I frequented as a child.. The collaboration consisted of myself, Kaya Reed, Megan Sandstrom, Stephanie Aufdermaur and Kim McFarland. Thanks to all for their contributions!